Concentric Educational Solutions (CES) provides evidence- based solutions that assist schools in building their capacity for student support services, including school climate & culture, special education, mental health services and organizational leadership & development.  Being a multi-discipline organization with over 80 years of combined experience in education, we address a variety of challenges in areas that are outside of the traditional academic expertise of most school leaders.

Our Vision

The vision of Concentric Educational Solutions (CES) is for all students to have access to the necessary support services that are required for a quality education. 

Our Mission

The mission of CES is to help schools develop and maintain an effective academic, social, and behavioral infrastructure that increases student achievement and ensures student learning.

To that end, CES will:

  • Promote and facilitate collaboration between academic, social, and behavioral services at school and school district levels which includes Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) and independent charter schools

  • Establish accountability through clear and concise practices and procedures

  • Identify and develop programs that use an evidence-based approach for providing targeted services to students

  • Create forums and venues for meaningful and productive dialogue between entities that have commonalities and aligned outcomes

Our Core Values

Integrity: Maintain uprightness. Be forthcoming and sincere.

Authenticity: Be intuitive, act deliberately and stand for what is fair and good.

Sense of urgency: Be insistent and unwavering in the education of children.

Discipline: Acknowledge that which is difficult and stay the course.

Ethics: Maintain a higher standard, even if shortcuts are an option.

Pragmatism: Approach education, children and their families in a way that is sensible, respectful and easily discerned.