In an era where school is supposed to provide a safe haven and a learning, nurturing environment for students, situations can often arise that causes the student to disengage from school. This often leads to chronic absenteeism and engagement issues that often have to be resolved by school personnel who are given limited capacity and resources to re-engage the student. This is where an organization like Concentric Educational Solutions can help.

Concentric started as a vision from Dr. David Heiber, in an effort to provide student support services for his school, when they were not making a connection with disengaged students. He derived an approach to reengage students, with home visits as the primary focus of the framework. Ten years later Concentric has grown to what it is today.

Concentric provides a comprehensive framework to help re-engage students back into the school family, by using its organizational and home-visit framework to address a variety of challenges that are outside of the traditional academic scope. Paramount to this is the home-visit framework. Concentric hires home visit consultants from within the community to conduct the home visits. To date, Concentric has delivered over 20,000 home visits to students.