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Approximately 5,000 schools across the nation are labeled as chronically underperforming.


Together we can change the dynamics of education one school at a time.

Concentric Educational Solutions (CES) helps schools develop and maintain effective social and behavioral infrastructure leading to improved academic performance.

We do this by focusing on our core services:

  • Home Visit Framework

  • Culture and Climate Support

  • Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS)

  • Restorative Practices

  • Leadership Institutes

  • Social Emotional Learning Model


Home Visits

Home visits are an effective tool at improving attendance, increasing family engagement and creating a path for students to return to school. Our Home Visit Framework helps school leaders establish a program specific to the needs of their school and community.

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school culture and climate

Culture and Climate Support

We recognize every student displaying behavioral issues requires unique intervention. The CES approach looks beyond traditional approaches to working with young people and recognizes the need for different disciplines to collaborate in promoting wellness and student growth.

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Leadership Institutes

School leadership teams are the driving force behind creating a positive school culture. CES provides two exhaustive professional development courses: Urban Principal Academy and Dean’s Academy. Both are designed to equip school leaders with tools to create behavioral and academic turnaround in their schools.

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MTSS Implementation

MTSS is a three-tier system of support designed to intervene early enough to address potential academic, behavioral, attendance, and socio emotional issues. Our team incorporates a wide array of student data to identify early warning indicators and implement the necessary tier of intervention.

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Social and Emotional Learning

Concentric Educational Solutions understands that the crux of our work focuses on the social-emotional experiences of students. As such we have adapted our services to include a focus on two of the five Social Emotional Learning model’s core competencies.

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Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices

Rather than having punitive or permissive measures, we work “with” stakeholders to increase support across the board. Our restorative practices training is built on the belief that we must first create opportunities for student voice in order to achieve the goal of restoring school communities.

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Removing Barriers.
Rebuilding Supports.
Realizing Achievements.


where we work

CES has diverse experience working in schools and districts throughout the country.

CES Service Areas

“At a time when so many urban educators are waiting for "Superman,” CES provides practical solutions for reinvigorating public school systems so that all students can achieve.”

— Ricardo D. LaGrange, Ph.D., Cesar Chavez Public Charter School