Culture and Climate Support

Re-engagement. Recalibration. Reallocation.


Each component works together in supporting the whole student

We recognize every student, who is displaying behavioral issues, requires unique interventions. The CES approach looks beyond traditional approaches to work with young people, and recognizes the need for different disciplines to collaborate in promoting wellness and student growth.

Concentric Educational Solutions believes supporting the whole student is a critical step toward positive academic gains. Find out more about our Student Support Services Model below.

The 10 components of our Student Support Services model:

Informed Caregiver

Every student deserves a caregiver who is informed and educated on how to be supportive and responsive to their needs, well-being and growth.

Effective Leadership

School leadership must model the culture and climate that is necessary for all students to receive the supports they need to be successful.

Supportive Adults

Every student needs and deserves adults who believe in their abilities, skills and potential. Supportive adults need to have high expectations that are buttressed by empathy.

Integrated System

Schools need to have integrated support systems that are responsive to students’ needs, well-being and growth. These systems must promote efficient communication among all stakeholders.

Aligned and Targeted Supports

Interventions must be clearly identified, categorized, implemented and monitored to best ensure that students receive the appropriate resource.

Positive School Culture

Students must be at the center of how schools operate. Students need to feel safe, supported and free to express themselves in a manner that reflects their shared experiences, beliefs, motifs, symbols and structures.

Early Identification

Students need to be supported by understanding and providing the necessary resources for them to be successful. Schools cannot wait until students show “at-risk” behaviors; they must act at the beginning of the school year.


All stakeholders must honor, respect, trust and believe that all students deserve support.


All stakeholders must be uncompromising in implementing the support framework.


All stakeholders must act with a sense of urgency and follow through.