Home Visit Framework

Re-engaging students daily


Concentric Educational Solutions’ Home Visit Framework build’s capacity in school staff by using home visits as an instrument to enhance student achievement and growth.

Our framework is comprised of five steps:

Step 1: Pre-Visit Meeting

The purpose of the initial meeting is to construct the reason for the home visit and highlight any relevant information such as living conditions, prior interventions, siblings, medical conditions, etc.

Step 2: Home Visit

Most home visits are conducted to gather information on the specific needs of students. However some home visits are conducted simply to increase parent and community engagement.

Step 3: Post-Visit Meeting

The purpose of the post-visit meeting is to debrief, share information and reflect on practices that worked and did not work during the visit. After every home visit, a post-visit meeting should be conducted — first with the individuals that conducted the home visits and then with the Student Support Team. 

Step 4: Monitoring

During the monitoring stage, a designated staff member serves as the point person in the building to connect with the student and family. The designated staff member is also responsible for facilitating discussion on student progress to the team.

Step 5: Tiered Home Visits

Within the Home Visit Framework, there are three tiers of home visits. Each tier has various benchmarks that are determined at the school level by analyzing school and staff capacity, evaluating staff willingness and assessing school need.


The framework’s objectives are to:

  • Promote daily attendance in students.
  • Increase parent engagement and empowerment.  
  • Reduce number of in-school and out-of-school suspensions.  
  • Improve academic success.
  • Create seamless transitions back into school.
Through the Concentric home visits, daily attendance has increased and tailored interventions have been made for the students. As a result, data has shown that there has been progress overall in each students academic, social, emotional and developmental growth. Concentric Educational Solutions is committed to “Excellence Above All”...The motto of the School District of Harper Woods.
— Steven McGhee, Superintendent, The School District of Harper Woods