MTSS Implementation Support and Data Analysis

Proactively addressing the needs of the "whole" child


Concentric Educational Solutions supports schools and districts in implementing an effective Multi-Tier System of Support. MTSS is a three-tier system of support designed to intervene early enough to address potential academic, behavioral, attendance, and socio emotional issues. The three tiers of support are school wide, small group, and individual intervention.

Our team incorporates a wide array of student data to identify early warning indicators and implement the necessary tier of intervention.


MTSS Implementation Checklist

Identifying and supporting needs early


Step 1: Resource Mapping

School will identify all internal and external interventions and supports

Step 2: Resource and MTSS/EWI Categorizing

School will categorize all internal and external interventions and supports by components.

Step 3: Resource Tiering

School will tier all internal and external interventions and supports by components and level of intensity.  

Step 4: Tier Benchmarks and Indicators

School will create indicators/benchmarks for each tier of interventions and support

Step 5: Identify MTSS Data Cycle and Dashboard Development

School will create a data cycle to collect, analyze, and address student data. 

Step 6: Early Warning Indicator Report

School will run the EWI report and identify students by tiers

Step 7: MTSS Meeting and Intervention and Support Alignment

School will develop a standing and consistent MTSS meeting and will align interventions to students.

Step 8: Student Progress Monitoring

School will progress monitor the identified and aligned student interventions

Step 9: Support and Intervention Analysis

School will meet to discuss and analyze the efficacy of the interventions

Step 10: School-wide Review and Reset

Our partnership with Concentric has been extremely beneficial. They’ve aided the district with identifying students who need additional interventions in order for them to be successful. They’ve also assisted us with our MTSS process to ensure students’ academic success. I would highly recommend this organization for any K-12 school district.
— Dr. Josha Talison, Superintendent, Ecorse Public Schools