Our Mission


Concentric Educational Solutions (CES) helps schools develop and maintain effective social and behavioral infrastructure leading to improved academic performance.

We do this by focusing on our core services:

  • Home Visit Framework

  • Culture and Climate Support

  • Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS)

  • Restorative Practices

  • Leadership Institutes

Our Cornerstones


There are four cornerstones on which Concentric was founded. They are absolutely essential to the work that we do. These cornerstones guide and reflect our philosophy. 


We pledge to be conscious and true to our vision, mission, and purpose and to our partners and those we serve.


We pledge to be honest and fair in our approach, our strengths, weaknesses, and results.


We pledge to be unwavering in support of our partners and those we serve.


We pledge to be unfaltering in our dedication and persistence to achieve results and to improve the outcomes of students.


Our Approach

Our Theory of Action


When it comes to increasing student achievement, school leaders often know what needs to be done, but struggle with how to actually do it. Concentricity is our way to help schools determine how to improve and reach their goals. Concentric Educational Solutions (CES) works with schools and school districts to assess the situation and determine a course of action for implementing sustainable change. Addressing the four components (Organizational and Leadership Development, School Culture and Climate, Student Support Services, and Special Education Support) with a focus on student achievement, Concentricity applies a structured process for tracking and evaluating improvements quickly while leveraging the existing supports within an organization at every level.

The CES team brings knowledge, experience and expertise in school district management, organizational strategy and school leadership. By making this expertise available to schools, CES focuses on ensuring that its approach is driven by the specific needs of its clients.  We begin consulting engagements with a needs assessment and then match the school with the appropriate solutions. The benefit of this needs-driven approach is that it allows for incremental improvement and accommodates the wide array of challenges and strengths that are present across different schools.  In delivering its consulting product, CES also makes a point of infusing its work with an element of organizational development.  Concentric's goal is to not just give its clients theoretical solutions, or even just to help implement them, but rather embed its solutions within the structures of the organization so that the changes are lasting and meaningful.