Our Story


Concentric Educational Solutions started with the belief that ALL students deserve not only a quality education but also the non-instructional supports that are necessary for success. There is no singular solution. Rather, it’s a concerted effort to continuously support students regardless of their background or how long it may take.

With this belief in mind, a team of dedicated educators created an integrated model of student support that would fundamentally put students at the core of school functioning.

With a grant from NewSchools Venture Fund in 2010, Concentric Educational Solutions started piloting its approach with four schools in Washington D.C. As one of the first African American-led organizations to receive funding from NewSchools, the task and charge to create a significant and substantial impact on public education was paramount.

Eight years and 50,000 home visits later, Concentric Educational Solutions has refined its model and broadened its services, but the founding educators have never forgotten that students are at the center of the educational journey.