Restorative Practices Training

Restoring School Communities


Concentric Educational Solutions’ Restorative Practice Training was developed to teach school communities how to have crucial conversations with their students. Rather than having punitive or permissive measures, in conjunction with the ideals of concentricity, we work “with” stakeholders to increase support across the board.

Our training is built on the belief that we must first create opportunities for student voice in order to achieve the goal of restoring school communities. Our training program focuses on fostering a shift in mindset to promote accountability, build empathy, and help all stakeholders find common ground.

Our topic areas include:

  • Beyond Zero Tolerance
  • The Social Discipline Window
  • Fair Practice Process
  • The Psychology of Affect
  • Restorative Practices Continuum
  • RP Activities
  • Circle Demonstrations


Our restorative practices training is built on these key cornerstones: